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Training to Investigate Wrong-Doing 

In response to the growing demand by human resources professionals for support conducting effective investigations into disciplinary situations, health and safeguarding matters or suspected criminality arising in the workplace, Corporate Safeguarding has launched a series of training programmes to complement its corporate investigation services.  These courses are designed for those who may need to deal with allegations of crime or wrong-doing or are required to interview vulnerable, intimidated witnesses working within a closely connected corporate structure.

Disciplinary situations may concern breaches in conduct or wilful behaviour and grievances or allegations can be raised by employees or colleagues. Whether operating in either the public or private sector, conducting fair and thorough investigations is vital. Botched investigations and interviews cost time, money and disruption and, if flawed, or not conducted in compliance with statutory guidance, the consequences for the victim and the organisation’s reputation can be calamitous.

Corporate Safeguarding’s 2019 direct delivery fully-certified PEMS® ‘Training to Investigate’ courses are designed for HR consultants or in-house professionals, safeguarding managers, supervisors, heads of department, monitoring officers, company secretaries, employee representatives or legal practitioners in organisations who may have responsibility for grievance and disciplinary management or conducting, reporting upon and reviewing investigations. Courses delivered by experts in the field of investigation, include:

Effective Investigations in Organisational Settings. This three-day interactive foundation course is suitable for business professionals charged with conducting and reporting on investigations to ensure they are conducted fairly, impartially and effectively, applying methodologies that are recognised best-practice. It involves a high level of skills transfer.

Achieving Best Evidence (ABE).This five-day interactive foundation course is designed for those required to interview and support intimidated and/or vulnerable victims or witnesses (both adults and children) through the criminal justice system. It is an in-depth, practical learning event which provides useful and applicable tips, tactics and strategies for dealing with situations that interviewers from organisations or agencies might encounter.

Investigative Interviewing of those Suspected or Accused of Wrongdoing. This learning on investigative interviewing uses the tried and tested PEACE framework and involves building tactics and strategies to ensure that those subject to investigation are treated fairly and ethically.This course includes Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) requirements along with other criminal justice system elements.  It is delivered across five days and is designed to take the attendees from little or no knowledge to a level of operational competence by the end of the week. 

Commenting on the launch, Director and Founder of Corporate Safeguarding said: “There are many reasons for conducting effective investigation in corporate settings such ascounterfeiting, fraud, theft and employee misconduct. Our role is to help organisations manage risk and reputation and ensure their place of work is secure and their employees are protected. Employee education or support from our highly-qualified team of private investigators helpingto gather the facts of an individual case, will assist in a decision as to whether there are grounds to take further action, such as a disciplinary hearing. Employers can be held liable if a poor investigation leads to an unfair dismissal.”