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Safeguarding for the Community

Corporate Safeguarding
is delighted to announce it has joined the Community Matters Partnership Project (CMPP) the collaboration of socially responsible organisations working together to create an enabling environment in support of youth aspiration. As a partner organisation Corporate Safeguarding will offer its wealth of experience to help promote best-practice safeguarding in the community in Rushmoor, Hampshire and the surrounding area and champion the initiatives and positive work being achieved by CMPP and its network of public and private sector business volunteers and partners.

CMPP is a not-for-profit organisation comprising a network of socially responsible companies that work together to support community-based projects. Businesses partners are invited to volunteer resources and employee time, skills, expertise and mentoring to promote youth aspiration via a range of targeted CMPP projects.  These include a Business to Schools initiative, Business Challenge Days, Young Entrepreneurs and Business Ambassador Schemes. Community Action Days encourage corporate volunteers to create, refurbish, decorate, building or redevelop local facilities for the benefit of the community and a programme of fundraising activities is organised by CMPP alongside business-to-business events throughout the year, to support the growth and development of the local economy.

Commenting on the partnership, Mark Bramah, Managing Director of Corporate Safeguarding, said: “We welcome the opportunity to join this dynamic organisation and help protect and serve our community. I am proud to stand alongside the many like-minded organisations who share our values and who are volunteering their time and working together for the common good to support those most in need.”



Caption: Tracy Jarvis, Founder of CMPP, welcomes Corporate Safeguarding's Managing Director, Mark Bramah, to the Partnership HQ.


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